Our Land

We are located on 19 acres of beautifully rolling land a few miles west of Montgomery City, in Montgomery County, Missouri. The property has been in our family for 3 generations. However for the 25 years prior to us moving here, it was primarily used as a weekend getaway. Centered in prime farmland, there is a very small home with a well, workshop, pond, (scenic) silo, and a smattering of out buildings.

We are in the process of converting the property back into a “working farm”. In time, we plan to raise the majority of our own food and supplies on this land. Including meats, vegetables, fruits, fibers, fodder, eggs, wood, nursery stock, etc.. We intend to do this in a beyond-organic fashion, with enough surplus to supply like-minded families.

Prior to our family owning the site, it was the home of a couple (John and Helen Henderson) whom worked the land, including many of the surrounding farms for countless years. There are many echoes of their impacts on this place… the small home they built in 1964 with the long forgotten rain cistern recently discovered, the sheep shed, remnants of a hog barn and the other building foundations that are here… They all speak to a lifetime of living off the land. We strive to do the same.

According to a neighbor, “well off” people from Saint Louis would come out here to hunt, including several players for the Cardinals. Apparently, one of those groups of hunters came out here and, immediately after getting permission to hunt, they started firing off rounds before even leaving the yard. Turns out that they had mistaken the old farmer’s guineas for pheasants and were doing their best to shoot them. We love hearing about these types of stories, but I digress…

This property has some of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen. That is one of our most favorite features of this place. You can expect us to share them… often… on social media and here.