Big Announcement for 2018 2

Since we moved onto our new property in the middle of the growing season, we weren’t able to grow much in 2017. So instead of overwhelming ourselves with the move, all the little first year projects, AND trying to scramble to fit in shortened growing season (we were tempted), we decided to take the last half of 2017 to plan our 2018 season. We have 2 big announcements…

This year we are starting a Chicken CSA! Click Here For More Information.

Roasted ChickenEvery other week, 2 fresh chickens… raised on pasture, humanely.

This year we are raising pastured pork on our farm! Click Here For More Information. 

Piglets with mama on pasturePiggies doing what pigs love to do, playing!

This year the dream becomes a reality, we’re gonna be a “real farm”.

We are looking forward to starting  beds for annual veggies!  There are over 400 trees and bushes coming in March that will need to be planted in our new orchard. Before spring, we are hoping to clean up all of the over grown fences. We also have to plan and run fence lines for the pigs as well. We’ll need to build a more permanent chicken coop for our layers and we have several chicken tractors to build for our meat birds. They need plenty of room to roam but still have the security from the many predators that visit the farm.

We are really looking forward to the 2018 farming year!



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