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There are a couple different bits of news from the last couple weeks that are worth noting. First, you’ll notice on the right sidebar that there is a signup form for our email newsletter. There are a few of these forms throughout the website. We will be using this to send special offers and quick updates to subscribers. Please signup to be kept up to date.


Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed we now have a logo:


We’re quite happy with it. We were going to hold off on putting the effort into making a logo until we had more money and a better idea of what Rugged Root would become. However we found that we were postponing more and more endeavors until we got a logo to include as branding. Particularly business cards, flyers, and handouts. We’ve already ordered business cards… so I guess that is the next bit of news. We’ll soon have business cards to hand out and include in orders.


Another bit of news is that a handful of articles have been added to the site. Go to to see a list of all articles. This list will be expanded as time goes on.

Finally, a “Contact” page ( has been added to quickly send us an email. Just fill out the form on the left side of the page and an email will be sent directly to both Ryia and myself. There is another newsletter subscription form on this page. Told you they were everywhere. 🙂

P.S. It won’t be long and this season’s plants will be ready for transplant. Better get your orders in soon.


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