Farm Products

Rugged Root Farm is a growing permaculture farm specializing in pastured protein. We offer pasture raised chicken and pork, as well as perennial nursery products and miscellaneous bumper crops, all in their appropriate seasons.

Cornish Cross Chicken. Rugged Root Farms Chicken CSA

Chicken CSA

Rugged Root Farms is offering you the opportunity to enjoy two of our pasture raised chickens every other week during the summer of 2018. Our chickens live their lives outdoors, on our 19 Missouri acres, eating as much fresh green salad, bugs, and local GMO-free grain as they desire. We refuse to use any herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or drugs of any kind as a matter of principle.


Piglets with mama on pasture

Pastured Pork

Our pastured pigs live their entire stay on our farm out on fresh pasture where they enjoy doing what pigs do best: playing in the mud, soaking up the sunshine, rootin’ for bugs/tubers, turning the pasture, and munching on wild walnuts/acorns from the farm. By working with the “pigness of the pig”, we are able to add noticeable value to the meat, give the the pigs enjoyable lives, and improve the soil for years to come.



Nursery Products

A selection of nursery products commonly available at Rugged Root Farms