Nursery Products

Below you will find a selection of nursery products commonly available at Rugged Root Farms. Given the seasonality of these items, they are not always available.


Pawpaw is a tree that is great in the understory of a forest. It thrives in shade and can grow up to 35 feet. It likes well drained, rich soil. It produces a fruit that is large, yellowish-green to brown, 2–6 inches long and 1–3 inches broad, weighing from 0.5–18 oz . It contains several brown/black seeds 1/2 to 1 inches in diameter embedded in the soft, edible fruit pulp. The fruits begin developing after the plants flower that is green at first but then matures to a yellow or brown in September or October. When mature, the heavy fruits will bend the weak branches down. The Flowers of the Pawpaw can be a dark red or even maroon when mature. They grow well in zones 5-9

Scientific Name: Asimina triloba
Common Names: pawpaw, paw paw, papaw, wild banana, prairie banana, Indiana banana, Hoosier banana, Kansas banana, Kentucky banana, Missouri banana, the poor man’s banana, Ozark banana, banango, etc.