Pastured Pork

  • Do you love delicious bacon that’s full of flavor?
  • Would you like to know that your pork chops were raised humanely?
  • Do you care how your meal impacted the environment?
  • Are small, local businesses important to you?

Our pigs, acquired from local breeders, live their entire stay on our farm out on pasture where they enjoy doing what pigs do best: playing in the mud, soaking up the sunshine, rootin’ for bugs/tubers, turning the pasture, and munching on wild walnuts/acorns from the farm. They have access to an unlimited supply of antibiotic free, non-GMO feed from a local farm but enjoy a diet largely of seconds from our homestead and whatever they forage from our woods and pastures. They are moved to fresh ground at least once a week keeping them clean and healthy.

By working with the “pigness of the pig”, we are able to add noticeable value to the meat, give the the pigs enjoyable lives, and improve the soil for years to come. Our pastured pigs are kept on fresh grass doing what nature intended; rooting, digging, and running. This improves the quality of the meat and the quality of the animal’s life… and since they are always on fresh ground, the manure can be absorbed into the soil improving the land. When confined, pigs rely on the farmer for all their vitamin’s and minerals. A pasture raised hog is happy to root and dig in search of its own minerals while improving their environment.

Purchasing Halves or Wholes

In 2018, Rugged Root Farm is growing out a limited number of hogs, and selling them either whole or by the half. We’ll be bringing 6 piglets onto the farm in April, growing them out over the summer. We’ll aim for our hogs to hang out at around 150-180 lbs sometime in September.

We charge $3/lb hanging weight for a whole hog and $3.50/lb for half a hog. In either case, we require a $100 deposit to reserve your spot, with the remainder due prior to pickup from processor.

At slaughter time, we will take the hogs to ‘4 Quarter Processing’ for custom processing. Their current rates can be found at the following link and are subject to change. (

Estimated cost for whole hog:

to Rugged Root ~ $450-$540 (@ 150-180lb)
for slaughter ~ $30
for processing ~ $87-105 (@ $0.58/lb)

Total estimate for whole hog ~ $567-$675

Estimated cost for half hog:

to Rugged Root ~ $262-$315 (@ 75-90lb)
for slaughter ~ $15
for processing ~ $44-$52 (@ $0.58/lb)

Total estimate for half hog ~ $321-$382

What can you expect to get with a half a hog?

Half a hog includes around 75 pounds of meat. Depending on how you want it butchered, you would end up with something similar to the following:

  • 8 lbs bacon
  • 8-10 lbs steak
  • 12 lbs pork chops
  • 20 lbs pork burger or sausage
  • 5 lbs pork roast
  • 15-18 lbs ham (which can be cut into smaller roasts)

A whole hog would be about double of each.

If you have any questions about our pastured pork, please do not hesitate to  contact us.

If you would like to make a deposit, you can do so below or contact us to send a check.

Whole/Half Hog Deposit