Well, we once again have chickens on the homestead, 250 more trees/shrubs have been planted, and compost has been moved… and it happened so suddenly! As always, we weren’t as ready for spring as we would have liked to be… On Tuesday, we received our order of trees… in the […]

Chicks on Farm, Planted 250 Trees, We’ve been busy

Since we moved onto our new property in the middle of the growing season, we weren’t able to grow much in 2017. So instead of overwhelming ourselves with the move, all the little first year projects, AND trying to scramble to fit in shortened growing season (we were tempted), we […]

Big Announcement for 2018

Elderberry Cutting in the Rugged Root Nusery bed
In this video we start setting up our nursery bed. We till an 11 foot by 4 foot bed by hand, explain how to take hardwood cuttings using Elderberry sticks, and plant them in the new bed.   [ecwid_product id=”70295762″ display=”picture title price options qty addtobag” version=”2″ show_border=”1″ show_price_on_button=”0″ center_align=”1″]

Video – Starting a Small Nursery Bed by Propagating Hardwood ...