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Grow your own Hazelnuts… know how they were grown!

The hazel plant is a hugely beneficial plant for a majority of North America. It produces copious amounts of woody biomass which can be utilized for fuel or wildlife habitat. This tree is great to be grown as an understory tree or it can be shaped into a large bush. Hazel nuts are a favorite food in our household. They’re relatively easy to shell, have a great taste, and are rather addicting.

Requires cross-pollination, so plant more than one for best results

We are selling one pair of our second choice 2 year old bareroot seedlings for $12 per pair ($6 per plant). These are a bit smaller than what we consider optimal for plants of this age and so are offering them at a discount. There aren’t many of these in stock so contact us ASAP.

Scientific Name: Corylus americana
Common Names: American Hazel, Hazelnut, Filbert, Cobnut
USDA Zones: 3-9
Mature Height: 10-15 feet
Mature Spread: 8-12 feet
Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
Plant Type: Large Woody Shrub
Forest Garden Use: Sub-Canopy Layer, Shrub Layer
Pollination: Cross-pollination required
Flowering Season: Early Spring through Summer
Annual Yield: 11-25 lbs depending on the plant
Primary Usages: Edible nuts — raw, dried, or cooked; Oil can be pressed/expelled from the nuts; Dried nuts can be ground into flour;
Secondary Usages: Coppicing, wildlife food, windbreak, etc
Years to Begin Bearing: 3-4 years
Years of Useful Life: 40-50 years, also considering the suckering nature, new shoots will develop into plants to replace older plants thereby making the thicket’s lifespan indefinite.

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