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Comfrey is also known as knitbone. It has been used traditionally used as a poultice to help in the aid of healing sprains, broken bones, aches and pains. The plant is also high in nitrogen and aids well in your mulch. They produce broad leaves and have a light purple to white flower that grow on top.


Scientific Name: Symphytum officianale
Common Names: Common Comfrey, Knitbone, Wild Comfrey, Medicinal Comfrey,
USDA Zones: 4-9
Mature Height: 3-5’
Mature Spread: 3-5’
Light Requirements: Prefers full sun, Tolerates light shade (about 50%)
pH: Tolerates a wide range (6.5-8.5)
Maintenance: Minimal. Can be spreading. Can be hard to eradicate.
Forest Garden Use: Herbaceous Layer
Pollination: Self-Pollinating/Self-Fertile
Flowering Season: May-September
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