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These onions are very similar to regular onions, except they have some very awesome differences. They are perennials! Where regular onions have flowers on top of the stalk or greens, walking onions have onion bulbs or bulblets that grow on top of the stalk. The bulbs on top get heavy and the stalk will fall over to the ground and the new onion bulbs will start growing and starting the cycle over again. They will walk all over the garden. Growing, creating bulbs on top of the stalk and bending the stalk to the ground and grow again. They are sweet in flavor and a great renewable onion.

Scientific Name: Allium × proliferum
Common Names: Tree onions, topsetting onions, walking onions, Egyptian onions, winter onion etc.
USDA Zones: They grow well in zones 3-9.
Mature Height: 3 feet
Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
Maintenance: Minimal
Pollination: N/A
Primary Usages: Entire plant is edible
Years to Begin Bearing: 1 year
Years of Useful Life: Perpetual

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