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You can harvest fresh raspberries in 2017. Heritage Red Raspberries grow new canes every year with fruit that each produce lots of berries, twice a year… on old canes in early summer and on new canes from September until the first frost. These berries are excellent fresh, in juice, jams, preserves, and pies. We often freeze our extra berries (there are always extras) in the summer, and then can them in the winter when we welcome the extra heat.

In addition to the berry harvest, the leaves of the Heritage Red Raspberry can be used to make tea. You can use them fresh or dried. We collect and dry the leaves when pruning out the old canes after they have given us their second berry harvest.

Heritage Red Raspberries are self-pollinating, vigorous and hardy in zones 3-9.

These grow very well in our garden; in fact they are the best crop we have. We planted 6 plants 4 years ago and got several gallons of berries and a bunch of extra plants last year. This year we have so many extra extra plants that we have to get rid of some. $15 for 3 plants, $5 for each additional plant.

Scientific Name: Rubus x ‘Heritage’
USDA Zones: 3 – 9
Mature Height: 4 – 5 feet
Mature Spread: 3 – 4
Light Requirements: Full sun prefered, tolerates partial shade
pH: 6.0 – 6.8
Maintenance: moderate, for best production, requires pruning and mulching once a year
Plant Type: Deciduous semi-woody canes.
Pollination: Self-pollinating
Annual Yield: up to 1 – 2 quarts per plant
Primary Usages: Edible berry, has a mild flavor with superior quality for fresh eating, freezing, jams and jellies.
Secondary Usages: Leaves make an excellent tea, Leaves have historically been used medicinally, Raspberry plants make an excellent addition to a living fence/hedge
Years to Begin Bearing: 1 – 2
Years of Useful Life: Indefinite, this plant freely suckers. As one plant is starting to decline, a suckering plant can be established to take the original plant’s place.

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